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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the technology that will transform how people interact with the world by adding layers of textual and graphic information on top of each individual’s point of view. DDA’s concept for an augmented reality patient information application leverages both augmented reality and facial recognition technologies to bring medical health records and real-time status right to a clinician’s fingertips by simply viewing a patient through their smartphone, mobile device, or AR eyewear. The DDA AR patient information app expands on the time-saving nature of electronic health records in a way that more immediately translates to real-world clinical experience.

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Patient identification and medical information are immediately conjured by simply viewing the patient’s face. Vital signs, current and past treatments, and medical history can all be accessed after patient facial recognition, and charts of vital information can be brought up to contextualize changing readings over time and thus aid in monitoring. The augmented reality patient information application will also coordinate with a central database of treatment information to prevent redundancies and avoid lapses. This is one of scores of concepts DDA has developed that demonstrate the incredibly diverse range of applications augmented reality will have in enhancing how we work, learn, and live.

Your Reality, Our Augmentation

Early adopters take notice. AR is here to stay and here to blow you away! No other technology offers so much potential for so many applications, with such lasting impact. From remote eLearning to in-person training to with patient explanations to treatments, procedures and surgeries. Augmented Reality is poised to change the world of healthcare for clinicians and patients alike, for the better, forever.

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