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DDA worked with the Medical University of South Carolina, Johns Hopkins University, and St. Joseph’s Voice & Swallowing Center to produce this comprehensive medical eLearning and research platform on swallowing disorders in 2010. The platform uses the Modified Barium Swallow Impairment Profile (MBSImP) to provide a standardized diagnostic approach to Modified Barium Swallow Study results with accuracy and consistency using evidence-based practices in evaluation. The eLearning course material in the Learning Zone is centered on 73 fluoroscopy videos of various swallowing impairments of varying degrees of severity, synchronized with 73 original 3D medical animations produced from scratch by DDA’s graphic artists, 3D modelers, and animators. The videos and animations can be locked together and watched step by step, or users can pair different degrees of impairment and compare them in simultaneous views. Voice-over narrations provide additional detail on scoring the swallowing component.

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The Training Zone tests users on their ability to classify type and degree of swallowing impairment according to the MBSImP based upon fluoroscopy videos, patient history, and study variables. Users demonstrate proficiency with the MBSImP diagnostic standards in the Reliability Zone. After achieving a passing score, they gain access to the research area. There users can track hundreds of health variables on real patients and store the information on ultra-secure HIPAA-compliant servers. Users can then search and filter the conglomerated patient data to receive custom health reports on swallowing disorder patients, making it the first international data registry dedicated solely to these conditions.

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MORE is not always better, but the right MORE is always best. Use animation to demonstrate anatomical activity, a mechanism of action or to simulate device operation. Incorporate video tutorials from key opinion leaders, provide accreditation and personalized certificates of completion after testing, create a personal library capability to allow clinicians to save reference material, design a custom eLearning platform to register users, a dashboard so they can track their progress and CDN delivery of video so usage fees are close to ZERO.

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