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DDA produced this medical device video with 3D animation for Seno Medical Instruments in 2017. It was critical that the visuals and text would be enough to catch attention and convey the essential distinguishers of the technology without the need for audio, to successfully compete for attention in the busy medical trade show environment. The video uses animated visuals and on-screen texts to introduce its Imagio™ opto-acoustic ultrasound system, which uses opto-acoustics to provide both the structural imaging of a traditional ultrasound system with functional imaging. This technology allows for more accurate distinguishment between benign and malignant tumors than traditional ultrasound alone, thus limiting the need for biopsies in breast cancer screening. DDA wrote all on-screen textual content and used the Imagio’s 6-up display as the central visual motif to outline the features and benefits.

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The video begins with a swirling aqua-colored environment which introduces the Imagio brand name. A 3D animated segment shows an anatomically correct model of a breast with a tumor and outlines the basic process of opto-acoustic imaging that distinguishes the Imagio suite. The Imagio wand puts out short and long wave laser pulses, shown as red and green cones of light, to heat the tumor, causing an acoustic return that is portrayed as vibrating ripples traveling through the breast tissue. This is followed by the 6-up display showing features and benefits, with benefits represented by carefully selected imagery. The video concludes with the key message of smarter, gentler, and more confident imaging, appealing to both patient care and professional performance concerns of clinicians. The video serves as the perfect introduction to a unique medical device and its role in improving diagnostic practice.

More Real Than Real

Making the Visually Complex or Opaque Comprehensible and Transparent

Humans are by nature visual learners, but we can miss a lot. In fact, the human brain and eye together tend to mask imperfections, blend details and miss the finer points that are so often crucial to accurate learning. In healthcare, there is no room for inaccuracy and mistakes can be costly, even life threatening. Animation has the ability to tell the story one frame at a time, or as a fast-paced overview, all with a level of detail and precision not possible any other way, with perspective, realism, detail, focus, and engagement.

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