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Text-Based eLearning

DDA designed and developed the ACI CME website for Advanced Certification Institute in 2014. The requirements for the CME website functionality were so advanced that a previous web developer failed to deliver, but DDA came through. The ACI CME site offers certification for basic, pediatric, and advanced cardiac life support to the online audience. The web design is responsive, so users of all devices can easily move through the courses. The ACI platform is built from a CMS backbone that allows administrators to add text, Excel doc, PDF, and image content in steps to build each specific course, along with populating a base of certification test questions and a scheme for randomizing the presentation of those questions. The platform includes a robust eCommerce shopping cart facilitating online purchases of the CME courses, including course pricing and discount codes that can be set by the administrator. The eCommerce platform also allows for discounted prices for 3 tiers of group purchase sizes, and custom group purchases set via codes that allow for only a specified number of course purchases.

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The platform offers personalized certificates of completion to those that successfully pass the test, with a user verification code that can be used on a certification verification page on the website by employers and other institutions that want to confirm ACI certification authenticity. The platform also automatically links users to obtaining accredited CME credits for their coursework to allow clinicians and others to fulfill CME requirements. DDA managed the pay-per-click Google AdWords campaign that supported the platform, including sourcing the highest value keyword search strings, writing ad copy, and designing landing pages to translate clicks into sales. The website also features automated emails that remind registered users to renew their certifications before they expire at the end of each two-year period. The ACI platform has distinguished itself for high quality CME instruction at an unbeatable price, and has proven itself to be a popular success in a highly competitive field.

All Text-Based eLearning Platforms Are Not Equal

How text-based eLearning is platformed, organized, and presented can make a significant difference in the didactic result. In a perfect world, the student, trainee, clinician or colleague is allowed to choose from a variety of media choices the way in which he or she prefers to learn. When text-based instruction is the only option, special importance attaches to the learning environment, material organization, and presentation, including of supplementary static images used to visually represent the content. An custom platform can take the experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

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