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DDA completed this comprehensive video-based eLearning platform for APIH in cooperation with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in 2018. APIH represents the interests of hundreds of medical schools and institutions and hundreds of thousands of individual healthcare students, educators, and practitioners. This eLearning course was designed to educate learners on how to respond to public health emergencies within an interprofessional context from the perspective of nurses, doctors, and public health representatives. The course content is comprised of over an hour of live action video that tells the story of an outbreak of foodborne illness through one man, a mother and child, a nurse, a doctor, and public health workers, with all casting provided via DDA’s Actors’ Network. All filming was done with custom set designs at DDA’s own video studios, including an outpatient exam room, three offices at a local health department, and a conference room for the final discussion of the entire case by all involved healthcare providers.

The eLearning course includes additional information and interactivity for greater topic depth and user engagement. Video clips are separated by action stops comprised of questions and interactive presentations of information that require users to click to reveal additional information about specific topics. Citations and references are placed below most of the video clips and action tops, and references can be saved to a personal library for later review at the click of a button, which can then be downloaded and/or printed.

The course content is preceded by a learner evaluation that gauges users’ existing knowledge of public health emergency response topics. After completing the video-based eLearning course, users take another learner evaluation, with those completing with 80% or more accuracy being granted certification. A module evaluation allows users to provide comprehensive feedback on their learning experience, and a personalized certificate of completion is then awarded. The platform also includes metrics on user performance filtered by school and educational credentials, plus detailed reports on each individual’s performance. Module evaluations are reported individually and in aggregate to gauge overall reception of the course. The comprehensive medical eLearning platform has been enthusiastically received and is sure to benefit a wide range of medical students seeking to understand interprofessional practice in public health.

This comprehensive video-based medical eLearning website was designed, produced, and developed for LivaNova by DDA in 2019. The platform uses a combination of video, synchronized highlighted texts, graphics, and voice-over narration to instruct clinicians on how to setup and operate the world-leading XTRA autotransfusion system. DDA shot all video and recorded the voice-over narration at its studios. DDA provided casting services to find the voice-over talent used on the platform. Side textual content was developed for each video that highlights in sync with voice-over narration as specific machine components and/or procedural steps are articulated for an enhanced multimedia learning experience. The website itself was designed according to strict corporate standards from LivaNova, and content is divided into modules, sections, and individual video clips. Progression through the video content is automatic, pausing only as the user progresses to new sections to indicate the topical shifts.

The course begins with an original whiteboard animation that illustrates the circuit of blood flow and the process of separating blood into its constituent components. The course then progresses to all the options for disposable accessories to the XTRA and how they are set up to ready the ATS machine for intraoperative blood recovery. The next module focuses on operation, showing the blood processing and how to use the machine to select different protocols and adjust various settings. The video content finishes with cleaning and maintenance.,
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The course concludes with a 15-question multiple choice test that is randomly generated from a pool of over 30 questions to present uniquely with each try. Users that do not achieve a passing score are directed to review specific sections of course content to reinforce learning, and can retake the test with a new set of questions at any time. A Quick Start video showing only the most basic information to begin using the XTRA ATS is available from the dashboard, which also features a progress tracker and menu to all the individual videos in the platform listed by module, section, and topic title.

An administrative area allows for management of access to the platform through registration codes that are required from users before signup. These codes can be limited by time period and to a single use for further control. Global metrics on responses to all test questions are reported in the administrative area, which can be filtered by time period, health care function, and surgical specialty for more detailed breakdowns of user performance. While originally created to serve the US audience alone, LivaNova quickly decided to distribute it for global use upon realization of the value it offers in standardizing training in a highly engaging multimedia format while reducing expenditures on in-person instruction.

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A fully equipped state-of-the-art in house video studio with sound booth, script writers on staff, webcasting of every shoot for remote client direction, over 50 professional actors in our proprietary Actors’ Network Online Gallery, experienced and enthusiastic videographers and editors, and a wealth of experience in healthcare eLearning. Everything you need to help your drug, device or organization succeed.

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