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DDA designed and developed the Engage interactive iPad pharmaceutical advisory meeting application for ETHOS Healthcare in 2013. This groundbreaking peer-to-peer collaboration and deep learning tool was designed to facilitate more dynamic and engaging meetings with doctors, whose full attention is critical to the success of the meeting. The mobile application allows meeting presenters to take audience participants through a slide presentation of combined graphic/textual content supported by select online references, which can be either synchronized with the presenter, or viewed at will by participants at their own pace. The presenter can send out their highlights and annotations, and participants can make their own, saving specific slides to a personal library for later review. ETHOS can set whether or not participants maintain access to meeting materials afterwards.

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Participants are given questions at the presenter’s discretion, which are recorded for later analysis and can also be shared with the audience as a source of discussion. Participants can also ask questions through the app, either identified to themselves or anonymously. Participants also fill out a survey of their experience after meetings are completed to give ETHOS a sense of the relative success of the meeting, capping off a robust set of post-meeting analytics. DDA also developed a custom on-site server solution that facilitated meetings even where there is no or poor internet access. The incredible range of interactive features has helped ETHOS distinguish itself from other healthcare communications firms, and was acknowledged with DDA’s win of its second Tabby Award in 2014, for Best Healthcare and Pharmaceutical App.

Connection, Communication, Confident Learning

In today’s overwhelmed with information world, engaging clinicians in deep learning takes a deep learning environment. Assume limited time, a short attention span, and a “this better be important” point of view, and then overcome all obstacles. With the right information, told in a compelling way, with clear visual presentation and in an easy-to-use format, deep learning sticks the landing.

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