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PowerPoint Presentations

This video-based PowerPoint presentation was custom designed and produced from scratch by DDA in 2018 within a matter of weeks. The presentation was produced to help Dr. Brackup explain his breakthrough plastic surgery techniques at an upcoming convention of plastic surgeons. DDA created the PowerPoint slide deck design into which textual and visual content was integrated. DDA then went on location to shoot hours of an actual procedure performed by Dr. Brackup in a clinical setting.

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The video was then edited into segments outlining specific portions of the procedure. These edited clips were then integrated within the PowerPoint presentation itself, so that Dr. Brackup could simply click through to play the videos within the sequence determined by the slide order. The final presentation made for a easily understood explanation of the advanced plastic surgery techniques Dr. Brackup uses, effectively conveying the nuances of his approach with video showing real clinical practice in action.

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