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DDA designed and developed the HeartNavigator virtual reality eLearning platform for Philips Healthcare in 2011. The Philips HeartNavigator was the second in a series of five virtual-reality-simulation-based interactive eLearning tools created for the company by DDA. The platform combines a custom designed virtual operating room environment with a model of the HeartNavigator live image guidance system for cardiac interventions, along with a second control room looking into the OR, for the basis of its interaction. A custom navigation bar at the bottom allows the users to see all sections of the course, including the embedded live action video spokesperson introduction, the passive simulation, the active simulation, and testing.

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DDA provided casting for the spokesperson video, which was filmed at DDA’s own studios and embedded in the custom designed virtual environment. Modules are distinguished by changing ambient lighting in the environment, and the voice-over narrations that guide the user through understanding the controls of the HeartNavigator were all recorded at DDA’s own studios. Real fluoroscopy video was combined with interactive user interface screens, many of which were built from real screen captures of the tool, to simulate control of the HeartNavigator in a realistic way that best translates to real clinical practice. The testing area includes multiple choice questions, and once successfully passed, users receive a personalized certificate of completion. The HeartNavigator represents the best of what virtual reality eLearning has to offer: realistic, engaging interactive multimedia experiences that effectively teach skills that can be applied in the real world.

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